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I Sustain Beauty

What we support

Beauty and sustainability are the key elements of our actions. At Davines and Comfort Zone, we look beyond our borders to support projects dedicated to people and the environment.

Education for life

Davines wants to commit itself to supporting and promoting Beauty. In 2015, as a gesture of artistic beauty, we collaborated with the Venetian Heritage Foundation to restore three hall benches in a historic Venetian building. This year, inspired by 2015’s winning project Without Boundaries, Davines is partnering with Intercoiffure Mondial to support its Education for Life training program. This international organization, known for bringing together the best professionals in the industry, is committed to supporting free training for in-need people through multiple projects around of the world. President Klaus Peter Ochs gave birth to the social project Education for Life with the aim to open free hairdressing schools in economically disadvantaged areas.

Global wellness day

Also for [comfort zone] Beauty has a broader meaning. The belief that outer beauty comes from inner well-being is the vision that the brand, as the only Italian ambassador, has decided to support through Global Wellness Day. "One day can change your whole life" is the motto that makes this day – an event aimed at spreading awareness of wellness around the world – so unique. On June 11, 2016, more than 70 countries will celebrate this event founded by Belgin Aksoy, now in its fourth year.

Charity: water

Water is a primary and vital need, which we often take for granted. Still today almost 1 person out of 10 does not have access to a source of clean water. However, the water crisis can be solved. Comfort Zone makes its contribution in promoting social responsibility by bringing clean water to a developing country. In cooperation with charity: water, a non-profit organisation with more than 16,000 projects implemented in 24 countries, Comfort Zone sponsors the construction of BioSand Filters) to supply clean water to a whole community in Cambodia, thus bringing huge benefits for the economic and social development of the area.

1% for the Planet

1% For the Planet connects businesses to environmental non-profit organizations to donate 1% of their sales directly to a cause they support: from protection of wild life, to ground preservation to save water and reduce pollution. Davines North America offers 1% of its online sales to Glynwood, an argriculture and training organization based in New York, whose mission is to ensure the Hudson Valley's prosperity.

Venetian Heritage

Together with the Venetian Heritage Foundation – a non-profit organization that has been protecting for years the artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Venice - Davines collaborated in the restoration of three precious hall benches dating back to 1748. These impressive pieces of furniture were hand painted by the most important artists of the time, but unfortunately they could not escape the ravages of time, that over the centuries made the pictorial surface and the wealth of illustrations illegible. The restoration lasted one year and returned these masterpieces to their original beauty. After being exposed during the 2015 Venice Biennale, they were returned to their original location, the historical sixteenth century Palazzo Contarini di San Beneto.