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I Sustain Beauty

Our project

Davines wants to commit itself to supporting and promoting Beauty. In 2015, as a gesture of artistic beauty, we collaborated with the Venetian Heritage Foundation to restore three hall benches in a historic Venetian building. This year, inspired by 2015’s winning project Without Boundaries, Davines is partnering with Intercoiffure Mondial to support its Education for Life training program. This international organization, known for bringing together the best professionals in the industry, is committed to supporting free training for in-need people through multiple projects around of the world. President Klaus Peter Ochs gave birth to the social project Education for Life with the aim to open free hairdressing schools in economically disadvantaged areas.

Also for [comfort zone] Beauty has a broader meaning. The belief that outer beauty comes from inner well-being is the vision that the brand, as the only Italian ambassador, has decided to support through Global Wellness Day. "One day can change your whole life" is the motto that makes this day – an event aimed at spreading awareness of wellness around the world – so unique. On June 11, 2016, more than 70 countries will celebrate this event founded by Belgin Aksoy, now in its fourth year.