Giulietta Kelly - Italy

“Espresso Connection - autobiographic coffee pods on demand” is performance by personal storyteller Giulietta Kelly, which took place in a café in Parma (Italy) in May 2014. The performance began with the performer Giulietta Kelly inviting people to tell her a true story of their life. 20 people accepted her invitation. While each of them was speaking, she carefully listened and, at the end, gave the participant a hand-made ticket for a "caffé sospeso" (meaning getting a coffee for free, payed by someone in advance), and invited them to come back to the café and collect their stories. Then Giulietta re-wrote the stories and printed them on coloured paper, which she rolled and hung with woollen yarns on a wooden framework. After one month participants came to the café, had their “caffé sospeso” offered by Giulietta to thank them, and collected their "personal stories” for free.