Wig Library

Candice Wyatt Minter - South Africa

We at Wyatt have decided to use our talent whist giving back to a charity that we believe really needs our attention. We are opened up 'A WIG LIBRARY ': a collection of 201 ponytails and 65 wigs that have been donated by people whom have experienced cancer disease, that no longer need the use of their wigs and wish it pass it on to someone who does. Wyatt will recondition the wigs ready to be use by person in need of it. The price of a human hair wig can range from R 2500 upward and the demand for human hair is going up as people are not growing their hair as long anymore. Once we have reconditioned the wig, treatments, colour and cutting, we will offer a complimentary wig fitting and consultation. We will teach the new wig wearer how to look after the wig, how to style and personalize it. We also teach our clients undergoing cancer treatment how to adapt their make-up, draw on eyebrows and attach false eyelashes. We consult them throughout their whole treatment, from before they experience hairloss until they are comfortable letting go of the wig. Any person undergoing treatment may come to our salon and receive a wig, they do not have to be a client of our salon to receive our support. We do not charge any fees for the wig library, we run it as a charity and at our own cost.