Preservation of Krokhino Cultural Heritage & Ancient Beauty

Anor Tukaeva - Russia

The goal of Krokhino Project ( is to preserve the Beauty of the ancient architecture, to establish a good example of creativity and love to heritage for our children and future generations. We continue the work of our ancestors, who created the Beauty embodied in ancient architectural monuments for many ages. To save this amazing church known as Russian Atlantis we have constructed a dam, erected a buttress, laid a road and done a lot more. We consider the beauty of cultural and architectural heritage as something more than just ancient buildings. Material culture surrounds us everywhere; once we learn to see and value this culture, it will tell us many things: who we are, from whence we came, it will help to find the right vector of further development. In harmony with the world around us, with love and respect to our history, cultural and architectural heritage – founder and leader of the Krokhino Project, Anor Tukaeva.