13 cu Atitudine

We donate all the proceeds obtained on the 13th of each month to sick children in need.


Social Impact


The purpose of this project is to educate and nourish the desire to create a social framework in which all those who want to improve the society in which they live can become involved.

HOW does it WORK?
– On this special day, the salon services do not have a fixed price, everyone contributing to the cause by donating as much as they want.
– The cash register is closed, employees work voluntarily, and customers place their money in a ballot box.
– Ultimately, the amount raised is donated to a cause or an association.

– The results have been extraordinary, and the people’s reactions exceeded our expectations. The amounts raised on the 13th day of the months and the events have been substantial. During the first year around €1,000 were collected but the latest events have raised even €3,500 in one day, with an all-time high of €8,000.
– PARTNERS: Our results have been possible thanks to the project supporters and the volunteers who have given their best to help the project grow. They have offered their time, energy or other resources and they have worked tirelessly for the success of the 13 with Attitude fundraiser. We also attribute our achievements to our consistency and resilience, our motivation growing with each month despite the hardships!
– MEDIA ENDORSEMENT: The success of this initiative was also confirmed by the media, such as Forbes magazine. Similarly, the concept received the jury’s special prize at the “People for people” gala, Romania’s most renowned CSR Award event.


Catwalk by Ramona Mîndru salon