We fight against plastic pollution


Environmental Impact


To make our contribution in the fight against plastic pollution, we will be organizing a national SUP Clean-Up tour with the support of SUPclean-up, a Dutch association that cleans canals in the cities from plastic and other waste by using SUP boards.

Thanks to the participation and contribution of our salons and their clients, we’ll be able to give a concrete help to this movement. Every salon will recruit a certain number of their employees and clients who will physically join the Sup clean-up Tour for one day.
The clean-up of plastic and other garbage will take place in October 2019 in the canals of several cities in Netherlands. As most of these canals are situated in the city centre, it will certainly draw some attention of local citizens, authorities and/or media. Of course, we will support this event by PR and our social media, using the national or regional Press and social media as well.

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