A beautiful boost!

The project has already been implemented into my salon HAIR ATELIER HANNA CZERWIŃSKA. I am trying to help my friends in a difficult life situation to regain confidence and feel better.



When some opportunities appear and we are full of emapthy we love helping!
Every day we work with the image of the other person. We want to make her feel better by taking care of her hair. When we work with our clients they tell us different stories. Those are often very moving stories concerning people in whose lives something really wrong happened

Purpose of the project:
I would like to propose a free styling session for a person whose story moves me! I am going to find out about this person from my client who inspires me to invite such a person to my salon to work on her looks and to help her regain confidence. I would like to make her feel better and look at her life from a different perspective. I want to give her hope that everything can change for better.

Once every two months a selected person will receive a special invitation, which will be provided by a person close to her (my client who told me about her) I am going to offer a new hairstyle (coloring, haircutting and styling). I would like to cooperate with a make-up artist who will agree to this join the project and who will do a professional make-up. Finally, I would like to organize a mini-photo session with a professional photographer so that the photo was a reminder of that day!

Social benefits:
– We help someone to regain faith in people, feel better with “herself” in a difficult moment of her life,
– We give at least one day when she can forget about her problems and worries
– We will improve the attractiveness of the person by changing her appearance
– We involve in the project some other professionals who can do something selflessly for the other person (the young make-up artists, photographers)

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