A great hair style for a good job

It’s not easy to find a job when you are a Malagasy girl of modest origin, even when awarded a diploma. Still it is necessary to have a great hair style to pick up the job. Supported by the humanitarian association Zazakely Sambatra, I was lucky to study hairstyle, so now, on my turn to help for free the other girls of the association by getting a great hair style for a good job.



At 21 years old, graduate and mother of a 4-year-old-girl, I dream to open my hairdressing salon for ladies in my village : Palais de la Beauté. Meanwhile, each weekend at my mother’s house in a small space fitted out in hairdressing salon, with some material offered by the Lions Club brought from France by the association Zazakely Sambatra, I started two years ago to comb the hair for some ladies, and to train to become a great hairdresser I’ve also combed the association’s fifty five girls studying or also graduated to give them the opportunity to present themselves in the best way to get a job. I will continue to take care of them for free when I’ll have my own salon.

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