A recycled salon

Salon ”Ett strå Vassare ” in Tollarp Sweden has an amazing salon where all of the interior is recycled and there is a thought behind each item. Be ready to take a step back in time.When the salon owner Anett bought the house 12 years ago she decided to use old things and to recycle material and furniture when restoring the old building.



Old wallpaper was found on the attic and was used to restore and decorate drawers. A wall was torn down and the material from that was used to build a panel and shelves. Doors that were removed was used to build cupboards and shelves. An old picture-frame became a shelf for makeup. In the bathroom they have used old magazines as wallpaper (so the clients can read news from 65 years back while spending time in there). The salon grows apples in the garden and serves their clients apple-juice from their own harvest. Recycling and sustainability are two important factors for this salon.

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