A smile for Capricchia & Amatrice

It all began on 24 August 2016… Roberta Marrucci, the owner of the Roberta Style salon, raised some money to donate to those affected by the AMATRICE earthquake. In December, Roberta asked her colleague Enzo from the salon Arte & Kapelli, how she could get the money to them… Why not in person?



And so December 17 2016 was the beginning of “our adventure”: a journey to Capricchia, a town hit by the earthquake near Amatrice.
After delivering various goods and supplies – and here is the beautiful thing – we took our love of people and put it to good use…
During our time in Capricchia, people asked us if we could come back to cut and colour hair for free; we didn’t need to be asked twice, and so, laden with bed linen, blankets, bath robes and towels, we made our second trip and celebrated the new year on January 1st 2017 with our new friends.
We returned on 31 January with two lorry loads of hay and a truck full of animal feed to help farmers during the heavy snows, which had not only worsened living conditions for people, but had a serious impact on land and livestock as well. In February, we held two charity dinners featuring recipes based on Amatriciana sauce and raised €8245, which would
buy a mobile home and a supply of wood pellets. Then at Easter, we sent a load of chocolate eggs for children and the elderly… We were in constant contact with the inhabitants of Capricchia: messages and phone calls kept us up to date with what the people really needed… we still step in with our scissors and combs .

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