B. Beautiful Makeover

Our B. Beautiful Makeover was created to give women a place to feel confident and a place to shine. Brittney Carmichael, owner of OMGhairstyles salon, makes this world a more beautiful place by bringing women’s inner beauty to the surface for all to see. She has invited four very surprised clients into her salon on Saturday for a complete makeover for free. Most of the women responded with shock and gratitude, plus a healthy amount of tears. “As a stylist, I have become very aware of the lack of confidence in our own beauty as women. I felt compelled to share the positive, loving energy of beauty with some of my very own clients…I chose women who are of service unto others, and have a beautiful light shining from within. “



As a stylist and beauty guru, I am aware of the “Power of Pretty”. I selected 4 lucky clients to receive our Be Beautiful Makeover (complimentary) to create the confidence each of the women needed at different turning points in their lives. The B. B. session was inspired by and created for women to awaken to their true beauty and to see it from another’s eyes. Each client was asked to fill out a card stating why she feels beautiful. Each of the answers were totally inspiring. The day started off with personal consultations for each woman, complete with shampoos, cuts, coloring, and styling. Once finished with hair and makeup, I’ve presented each woman with a card and marker. The card began with “I feel beautiful when…”, and it was up to each woman to finish the sentence as she saw fit, the answers they wrote down would be photographed as part of an “After” photo for each of them—a deeply personal end to a transformative day. Each women left with their lashes on and a whole new outlook on life and on their own beauty & value they contribute to the world. I’ve provided everyone with take-home goodie bags, filled with all the products they needed to maintain their makeovers at home.
I wanted to provide a space for each of them to comfortably express their inner beauty with the world! Each client was asked to share how they feel beautiful at the end of their makeover session and their answers were too inspiring not to share

Touched by her generosity and selflessness, the women presented her with a surprise of their own—a custom-made plaque that reads, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful!”

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