Beauty courses at Women’s Reintegration Center

Through the beauty culture we help woman to regain their freedoom and rebuilt their future.


Social Impact


In our society, women who are imprisoned, once they are free, no longer have an opportunity to redeem themselves, to be reintegrated into society, and most of the time, they are abandoned and forgotten by their families. That is why it is important to increase their self-esteem, to enrich their cultural level, but above all to offer them the opportunity to rebuild their future.

The beauty courses at the Women’s Reintegration Centre Puente Grande, located in Jalisco, born with this goal, and aim to provide these women with the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to enter the world of work and become hairdressers once they are out of prison. The course, held inside the prison, includes lessons in Hair Makeup, Hairdressing, and Colorimetry. At the end of the course, a certificate will be issued by the Secretary of Education of Jalisco, certifying their competence and knowledge at an international level.

There is a group of professionals who participates in this project by providing their time and the skills of their staff to ensure coloring courses for prisoners, proudly, Protagonists Hair Studio is one of them.

We are extremely happy to be part of this initiative and to know that the culture of beauty can give hope and new opportunities to these people.


Protagoniste Hair Studio