Braids for Better Water

United for the protection of our beaches and oceans.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


We have two goals: to raise awareness in our community and support the health of the marine environment.
To do so, we’re raising funds, to support the Clean Ocean Action association , committed to the environmental protection of beaches, oceans and waterways.
Together we started a fundraising initiative, that we called “Pop-up braid bar”, a beach event, during which we offered free braids hairstyles, hair wraps and facials. In return, people could donate between $15 and $20, receiving a free cocktail in addition to the treatment.
We offered these services for three hours, during which a live band played, and people who stopped to listen to the music left a small contribution to protect the beach.
In just three hours we managed to raise more than $1000.00!
This year we will repeat the event at The Seafarer Bar in Highlands, NJ. Sunday, July 12, 2020.

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