Care of yourself at first

Care of yourself at first
Personal project that promotes taking care of yourself at first
I would like to inspire hairdressers to learn during the hair test how to take care better of body balance and health
International laboratories use the elemental hair analysis for health purposes



Personal project that promotes taking care of yourself at first and after learning the method taking care of the beauty studio’s customers.
I would like to inspire hairdressers to learn during the hair test how to take care better of body balance and health..
To be more specific it is about use of matter which we deal with everyday , taht is hair.
International laboratories use the elemental hair analysis for health purposes.
They often fall out , they are weak and unruly..
The test is performed by non –invasive method, cutting out thin strands of natural hair on the back of the head or with short hair simply by cutting it at the base od the head.
Diagnostic laboratory , non-public health care unit (NZOZ) examines the mineral composition of the hair which reflects many physiological alances of the body.
Based on the 29 elements ( including 5 toxic elements) and their mutual proportions in the hair , it describes characteristic metabolism features of the examined person. It identifies disease trends , individual dietetic recomendations and chronosecretory vitamin and micronutrient supplementation.

My thoughts about the project came from the need to find a method of diagnosing people in the area where medicine was not able to work. I met this method n the diagnosis of atypical diseases.
Very often blood test come out correctly , but the biochemistry of the body indicates irregularity in the development and correct action.

From observation, experience , development and coaching I was looking for certain processes that are needed for a man who in order to help others needs to help himself.
Davines Balance comes from the responsibility for ourselves , for the world in which we live and perform.

Readind and analyzing I discovered :
The moment you decide taht it’s up to you who you are and what future you will have , you have direct impact on your life.
You get the driving force and you can create your reality. . Taking responsibility for every aspect of your life is absolutly fundamental to your development.

What exactly means responsibility?
This is the time when you accept the everything depends on you and you have bigger or smaler influence but it is you who has it .

Nowadays it is a taboo subject.
It is you who creates your reality if you want to be.
When you have control , you learn the most. You have the opportunity to become better and to becomemore aware.
Lack of responsibility causes lack of control.

So in the begining lets take care of ourselves.
In order to have strength and energy to live , we need to breathe and eat.
What can be more valuable tan health, which means well-being, beauty and better quality of everyday life.
Healthy diet is the basis of good frame of miind, vitality, nice body and hair..
Well known saying “ you are what you eat “ is very true..
Nutrition has a significant impact not only on our health but also on our wel-being functioning.
Appropriate diet will allow you tp maintain energy and strength during more intensive work, physical and mental .
Bed diet can lead to lack of mental balance and further to many diseases of the body
To cancer !
I want to help and to turn your attention to caring for yourself and to promote hair root analysis first among hairdressers.
Dr lawrence Wilson- medical consultant and researcher believes that the results of hair analysis can be reflected in the lack of emeotional balance.
The following desriptions are based on experience , psychology, biology and cognitive science.
Determinig the level of presence of trace elements in hair is a highly advanced analytical technique .
Conducted in accordance with the standards and properly interpreted, it can be used as a tool to help to identify a shortage or excess of trace elements as well as biochemical imbalance in the in the body.

The results of the hair root analysis may indicate the inclination to certain diseases, support therapeutic interventions, and explain the accompanying disorders.
The human body is a biochemical factory in which there are no production interruptions .
There are catabolic( burning0 processes in each cell during which energy is generated to maintain body’s physiological functions.
Metabolism, is the balance between catabolism and anabolism,
During the year , an adult consumes about a1 ton of food containing about 70% water.there are significant physiological and anatomical differences among people..
Each organism is a biochemical individuality that has diverse nutritional needs,, so there is no one universal diet for everyone.
Laboratory test results and elaborate report that is attached to them should not be considered as only diagnostic data( …) ( source: analysis report)

For me personally , the most valuable part of the analysis was my metabolical profile,which actually translates into the level and proportion of elements in the body.
Thanks to it , I learned what I learned what I need to change in my lifestyle and above all in my nutrition.

A conscious man knows that he is not just an observer , but a creator.Conscious people are constantly looking for information in order to develop and in health.

Peg Huxtable wrote beautifully wrote in her great book “ Words of Wisdom”

A small child asked:
Why are we here on Esrth , mommy?
To help others – mother replied
Why are there others? – the next question was

We are all connected to each other in the universe and we have an influence on each other.

Author | anna cagiel
awakened mom | a good enough hairdresser
a producer of healthy hair | a volunteer with a passion

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