[Chance] aims at transforming lives of disadvantaged youngsters through hairdressing.
By teaching them how to cut hair we are broadening their horizons and giving them the opportunity for a brighter future.



[Chance] started in August this year with the aim of offering a brighter future to disadvantaged youngsters by teaching them the craft of hairdressing and by encouraging them to follow their dreams and do everything from the heart. Here’s an overview of the people involved and our plans:
is the mastermind behind the project and also the responsible for teaching the hairdressing craft to the youngsters; born in Romania, he started cutting hair at 17 y.o. without any training, following his feelings and vision. Today he is part of the very successful team at Ena Salon Hair and Beauty in London, and his ambition is to join the acclaimed Allilon education team. Following his dream to teach other passionate & ambitious people, and share the knowledge that he gained over the years, Alex returned to Romania on his holidays to kick-off [Chance] together with 2 partners:
humanitarian organization providing social services across Romania, helping Alex by identifying and selecting youngsters from orphanages, who are interested into learning the craft;
Davines unique distributor in Romania, supporting the project with the necessary hairdressing tools, accessories and Davines products.

Duration of Project: start August – open End / the aim is to create an on-going education platform, with courses every 3 months;

Phase #1 of the project took place in August, over 3 days, where Alex:
– Day 1: met the 14 teenagers selected by Alpha NGO across 3 orphanages in Cluj and spend the day getting to know each member through various games and talks;
– Day 2: did an introduction into hairdressing, split in 2 parts: theory and practice (=look and learn);
– Day 3: spent the day at an Orphanage with the participants and their community members, where he talked about the importance of following one’s dreams and offered each teenager a symbolic present linked to what he learned about their passion on day 1, to encourage them in persuading it.

Phase #2 is planned for February, 2017 – full training days with the participants selected at Phase #1.

Our [Chance] program is meant to mentor and guide the youngsters through the basics in hairdressing, but since we want to make a real and lasting difference, we aim to also provide follow-up apprenticeships, support & job placements, and ensure that every “student” is able to take full advantage of the opportunity and can become independent through the hairdressing profession.

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