School workshops to learn how respecting our planet.


Social Impact


We deeply believe that to trigger a real change, is necessary to intervene in the education of the youngest and we believe that this is everyone’s responsibility, even a hairdresser!

For that reason, through our AG hairdressing salon in Alassio, we have promoted an initiative that has involved the children of the  Maria Ausiliatrice Institute in Alassio, creating a school workshop that aims to raise awareness among children about environmental issues, making them reflect on the future of our planet.

For a whole week, the pupils discussed the best way in which human beings can interact with plants and animals without damaging them. The teachers supported the imagination of their little students who, with brushes, paper, and glue, “created” posters and other materials.

All the classes in the school have been involved, and with each of them, we tackled many different themes, through creative and imaginative games. So the children imagined machines, bulldozers, and tractors powered by the combustion of flowers, they reflected on the pollution of our seas and the useless waste of consumerism, they dreamed to hold up our planet with their hands, to protect and save it and they designed and created colorful flowers to hang on trees to remember that man has a duty to limit the deforestation of the Earth so that the flowers can continue to embellish us in appearance and soul.

Ag Parrucchieri