Davines Glücksmomente (Moments of happiness)

We support reforestation projects to enable local farmers to live from sustainable forest management and to reduce CO² emissions on our planet.


Environmental Impact


For 14 years Davines Germany has been cooperating with the organization Primaklima, who has been actively involved in climate protection since many years. To reduce CO2 emissions on our planet, over 14 million trees have been planted up till now thanks to many international reforestation projects worldwide.

Hairdressers are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to act in a climate-neutral manner and this is how the idea of Davines EcoSalons, a network of CO2 neutral salons in Germany, was born. EcoSalons not only offset their environmental impact through reforestation projects of Primaklima, they also enable small local farmers in Bolivia and Nicaragua to live from the sustainable management of these forests.

In addition to the initiative EcoSalon, we decided to create a commercial campaign to rise more funds to support Primaklima: For every Essential Haircare Shampoo & Conditioner sold, Davines clients can actively support the reforestation projects and donate 1 € to Primaklima.
In this way we enable our Davines clients and salons to take responsibility, reducing CO2 emissions on our planet and creating better living conditions for countries in need by contributing actively through their conscious and environmentally friendly consumption.

We support sustainable beauty, the beauty of nature, and will continue to give our contribution.


FPE Friseur- und Kosmetikbedarf eG

Altri progetti

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