Domenico Castello x Doctor Clown Foundation

We want to see children smile.


Social Impact


We decided to collaborate with Doctor Clown foundation, a group of volunteers which, dressed up as clowns, provide psicological support for kids who are sick or recovering from the surgery/illness in the hospital and need good vibes, mental support, good mood. Organizing moments of entertainment for kids, these volunteers go around in the hospitals snatching a smile from the little ones. They also have their own school where people can become clowns and work for the foundation.
The foundation is supported by Elizaveta Boyarskaya, famous Russian actress and her husband, well known actor Maksim Matveev.
We’ll support the amaizing work of this association donating the 10% of each tratment for hair “Arte e Natura”, the best selling spa treatment for hair in our salon.
In this way we’ll help the fondation to develope and grow,and helping more children.