Teaching children how to have an alimentation respectful of Nature and Humans


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


The GoodPlanet Foundation was created and is chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a renowned French photojournalist, with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental issues and environmental protection and it’s the first site dedicated to solidarity and ecology in Paris.

The Ecole Good Planet is a project created within the GoodPlanet Foundation to raise awareness between the youngest generations on the importance of our food choices for Nature and Humans and to educate them to responsible behaviours for the future.

The Ecole GoodPlanet is open all over the year in the wonderful location of Domaine de Longchamp to welcome many groups of children with more than thirty different playful workshops.

Children from social associations are invited to participate for free to these workshops, to learn more about many topics linked to food such as sustainable agriculture, waste recycling, biodiversity, world’s cultures, energy and climate changes.

Davines shares with the Ecole GoodPlanet the willing of educate the next generations to sustainable behaviours to make the world a better place.

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