“Open Door” Student Outpatient Clinic

“Open Door” Student Outpatient Clinic. Helping the poor who can’t afford to buy medication, the homeless, and single mothers.



I’m a young doctor and my motto is: “Medicine is an art, and being a doctor is a mission”. Carrying out the profession of doctor is connected with a noble mission, serving others, restoring their quality of life, sometimes also sense in life and the joy of living. It’s not just about following set patterns, the execution of algorithms, but an individualisation of approach to the patient and focusing on the individual. It is the fulfilment of very important tasks. As a young adept in this difficult art, I want to help people. I always begin my visits with patients from the words: “How can I help you?”. For me, helping is the sense of this profession.

Several months ago I found out about a student initiative at the Medical University in Bydgoszcz, which concerns free of charge medical advice for the poor, uninsured, homeless and single mothers. Students of medicine have shifts at the outpatient clinic and see patients free of charge, in exchange, they gain practice. Since this venture functions in the form of a volunteer scheme, every material and physical help counts to do this work. My goal is to support these “Open Door” outpatient clinics.

“Open Door” Student Outpatient Clinic: helping the poor who can’t afford to buy medication, the homeless, and single mothers. All medical means are necessary through which medical assistance can be provided. Starting from wound dressings, basic medication, and ending with kitting a doctor’s bag out. The following are essential in basic healthcare, in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Health: 1) Anti-shock kit; 2) Blood pressure monitor; 3) Stethoscope. Things that would definitely be of use are an othescope – a device to look into ears, a hand-held ECG, a touchless thermometer, a computer to keep the basic documentation from the patient visits. We also must have access to drinking water. When thinking about medicines, the medical kit should also be furnished with anti-inflammatory medicines, antipyretics, painkillers, antitussive syrups, first-line therapy antibiotics, solutions for use on skin and lesions, bandages, and tourniquets.

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