Beauty Blessings

Beauty Blessings was founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 2017. We hope to create a global movement to spread light and joy to others. It is a community made up of all types of beauty professionals, who live in different places and use their skills to show men, women, and children that they are valued and they are beautiful.



Our network of professionals have a desire to make an impact in their community by giving their time to bless whom ever they come across or whom they feel called to help. We strive to spread messages of hope to the world that we as artists have more to give then just beauty services. We welcome anyone in the beauty industry to join Beauty Blessings and there is no cost to participate. All those who join us receive a complimentary t-shirt with our custom logo on it. These t-shirts can be worn at group events or by individuals while doing a blessing. We feature our Beauty Blessers daily on our social media pages and have a community hashtag of #beautyblessingsministry.
A Beauty Blessing can be many things. We give monthly haircuts and manicures at a Fort Worth shelter for adults, we have done makeovers for first responder’s and their spouses and we did a towel drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Our founder teamed up with her Davines DFW rep and we donated over 100 shampoo and conditioner liters and supplies to help stock a military trauma retreat center in Texas. We did a Veterans Day haircut event and have thrown beauty parties for children in the foster care system. We also send out beauty care packages to children we hear about in need and help with children’s haircuts who live in DFW shelters. Last fall, we teamed up with a grooming company and did haircuts and shampoo makeovers for the dogs and cats at the Fort Worth animal shelter. We love finding unique ways to love others and also enjoy partnering with local organizations around the DFW community.
Our desire at Beauty Blessings is to make sure that we sustain others through beauty and kindness. We also believe that beauty professionals should take the time to step away from the salon, get out in the community, and sustain our own hearts.

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