Beauty of the ancient Temple

Davines Russia team has been maintaining an ancient Temple in Klin city for the last 4 years. This Temple is an architectural monument of the XVI century of Russian heritage



The Temple was built in XVI century, and even tsar Ivan the Terrible was here. Also, Peter the Great was baptized here.
In the years of 30es, hard time for Russian people, the Temple was closed and the Bell tower was ruined. Therefore, the modern view of the Temple is very different from its original architecture. During the Second World War salt was stored in the temple, and this gave it’s negative consequences – every year Temple’s walls need repair. For many years there was a cesspool around the Temple.
For the past 3 years, Davines Russia employees and members of their families, as well as our partners, go to Klin and clean the area around the Temple, making it more beautiful. In 2015 we prepared the ground for planting trees. In April 2016 we started landscaping on the Temple territory: our friendly team planted trees, cleaned the flower beds and planted fresh lawn grass. In 2017 we cleaned all the territory, prepared parking lots, removed the broken trees after the hurricane.
Every employee of Davines Russia Team and many of our partners make a donation for the needs of the Temple.
We believe that with our common forses we will make the Temple a better place for parishioner and habitants of surrounding district.

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