Behind every special child, there’s a special mommy

Dedicated to all those mothers with disabled children


Social Impact


Together with the charity foundation “World without Limits” we organized a beauty evening for all those mothers who dedicate every day, every moment and all the energy they have to their children with motor disabilities, to support them in the challenges they face every day.
Most of these children are little athletes of different sports disciplines, and these mothers are their daily motivation, their most fierce fans, their mental coach, the bus that takes them to every game, every competition.
But they also need support, a word of comfort and attention that is dedicated to them.
In March 2020 we will repeat beauty day in our salon for these ladies and we will do a special hair care treatment for them.

salon L’seven

Other projects

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We donate all the proceeds obtained on the 13th of each month to sick children in need.


Christel House: the hairdressing school created for  impoverished and underprivileged children.