We use our social influence to bring our local community together to raise money to help educate some of the most vulnerable children in Nepal. In order to do this, we do what we do best: Host big, beautiful, fun, community orientated, events. And then we travel…



September 2017, we hosted our inaugural “Refinery Fest” by transforming our salon parking lot into a welcoming community event, raising enough money to facilitate the completion of a school in a rural village of Nepal which had been devastated by the 2015 earthquake. Refinery Fest consisted of a morning of registered fitness activities, followed by a marketplace and concluded with an after-dark party. (We raised $30,000+. Owners, Aly McRae and Heidi Epp, covered the expenses of the event so ALL DONATIONS went directly to the school project.)

Then, in October 2017, we (Aly and Heidi) traveled to Nepal to meet the kids! We hugged them, cried with them while standing in the ruins of their old homes. We colored with them. We heard from them and their parents about what this new education center means to them. We spent 4 days trekking throughout their district, learning why this new facility will change the lives of families for generations to come. We work in the beauty industry, and to us – this is living beautifully. Inside out, whole person, local and global, all connected, BEAUTY.

This year, we’re doing it again (by hosting 2 events) and hope to raise enough money to keep the school supplied in education material for the next year. We also donate all proceeds from 2 lines of products sold in our store year-round. Beyond school supplies, we’re planning to take our scissors and “Aly McRae” developed training material along to Nepal in fall 2018 and start developing a training program in hair design for the students that are coming up through our * partners’ apprenticeship program in Pokhara, Nepal. The children in this program have been abandoned by their families (both immediate and extended) and have ended up on the streets. These are rescued children. Our partner currently facilitates apprenticeships in trades like recycling, electrical skills, and construction. We think broadening the scope to include our beloved trade of hair styling is a must. We know that education is integral to developing countries and we are very motivated by the opportunity to bring such a sustainable career path to these youth

We use our social influence to make a difference in the lives of children.

*We partner with the not for profit organization called Himalayan Life, besides operating multiple shelters, education centers, and recreation programs for abandoned or vulnerable children – they also own and operate a recycling facility out of which they host their apprenticeship programs. The recycling facility is responsible for making plastic waste in Pokhara virtually non-existent — a sharp contrast to every other municipality in the country.

We ❤️ Himalayan Life.
We ❤️ Davines

Together we can change the world.

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