I cultivated leaf clover since 1998 in Sao Paulo. In 2016, I’ve decided to use recycled materials, use compost, I use worm farm to produce pots and I make vegetable garden to improve life’s quality.



As the days went on, I got to know clover lovers, companies and people with an ecological approach.
Since 1998 I cultivate 4 leaf clovers in Sao Paulo. In 2016 my friends encouraged me to make more pots and promote on the internet.
I have always loved plants and took care of the garden with my grandmother who taught me to love nature.
I have an ecological style, I worry about the garbage disposal, with materials that can be reused, and nothing is thrown away, it stays inside our planet.
I feed myself from my vegetable garden, grow clovers, I make vegetables gardens in friends’ houses and give ecological ideas through my page and my services.
Every day I invent something with recycled material!

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