Garden of my dreams

«Garden of my dreams» unites people!



Apple-tree garden is my old dream.
And in August 2016 this dream began to come true! There was a reconstruction project of the City Park, and the city gave me a small plot of land for it’s elevation.
The euphoria quickly passed, because there was much to do before the beginning of winter.

We immediately brought the land and began to level the soil to plant fruit trees and shrubs. We also had time to restore the lighting, install a video surveillance system, as well as organize an access point for the Wi-Fi network. The best breeds of apple, pear, currant, raspberry and yoshtu were bought for planting.

Thanks to the active assistance of the indifferent inhabitants of our city, all the planned work was completed before the arrival of cold winter weather! That’s how we planted the «Garden of my dreams»!

But that isn’t a final of this story. The winter has come. I wanted very much the people to come to the «Garden of my dreams» even when it’s cold outside and freezing. That’s why for the joy of the children we made the largest ice hill for skating and every child can hire the ice cap and skis for free! And also we installed the post-box for the letters addressed to Santa Claus. Of course, there were many winter holidays and festivities, that we organized for people.

Spring 2017. We cleaned the territory of our garden and made many starling houses for birds. Then we planted the grass, strawberries and honey trees. Also we installed shops, hammocks and street library for the visitors of the garden.

The territory of the garden constantly needs attention. We regularly take care of her: we cut the lawn, water the flowers and clean the garbage.

For the 9th of May (Victory Day), we installed a mail box for Victory letters.

We support the sports mode in our park. There are trainings on running, youga, Nordic walking, zumba and oriental dances. There is also a free rental of sports equipment for outdoor activities. Now you can play volleyball, basketball, badminton, ride a scooter and etc.

We even launched a mobile application for the convenience of citizens!

Since recently, wedding registration has been organized in our park! So every couple can get married here.

Our project is completely charitable and free! We want to make the garden cozy and homely for everybody!
Many thanks to everyone who support the project and believes in our common idea!
«Garden of my dreams» unites people!

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