George Kampouris

Talkin’ Heads presents a series of artistic interventions in its space in Athens, where an artist is invited to create an artwork and present it in the salon. The first is by Christos Mouchas, with an action-metaphor for human relationships and a publication of digital collages and photos tracing the memory of being in love, available for free.



Talkin’ Heads has inaugurated a series of art interventions at its space, in the centre of Athens. For every intervention, the salon invites an artist to create an artwork and present it in the space. Christos Mouchas took over the first of those with his work “Sometimes A Wind Blows”, which consists of digital collages and photographs in a collectible publication.
Athens, although still recovering from the economic crisis, has seen a creative resurgence the past few years: alternative spaces hosting exhibitions, newly-formed art collectives that engage with the neighborhood they are based in, artists and professionals from all over the world relocating here and diversifying the community. They all contribute to new and exciting ways of experiencing art, outside of traditional spaces such as museums and galleries by making contemporary art more accessible and democratic.
Within such a context, our salon becomes a space for young and emerging artists to showcase their work and engage with the public. The project gives each artist complete freedom to create and experiment with their work, without the commercial confines a gallery may have and exhibit it either inside the salon and/or outside, on our window displays; in a way the project blurs the lines between public and private space: the salon becomes a sort of “meeting point” for visitors or passers-by to see an artwork. In other words, a chance for everyone to experience contemporary art and find beauty within their daily lives, in a very inclusive and direct way.
Our first project is the fanzine “Sometimes A Wind Blows”. With its title taken from the lyrics of Mysteries of Love, a song written by David Lynch for Julee Cruise, it attempts to trace the memory of being in love. With the end of a relationship, we try to handle the loss by bringing up moments and images from the past. The experience of loving is constantly reconstructed in our memory, like film cuts, until our view on the story changes and gets new meaning. This indefinable process is portrayed on the work’s collages and photos, where colors and pixels are constantly in flux on the paper, somewhere between abstract and concrete, digital and analogue.
The artist has chosen to give every visitor the chance to take a copy of the work with them, and make it theirs for free. The visitors are called to respond to the artist’s wish, therefore turning the intervention in the space into an action-metaphor for human relationships: love, as a constant risk, urges us to show our intention without knowing what the response will be; to go beyond the ‘I’ in order to create a ‘we’.
Moreover, “Sometimes A Wind Blows” is also based on the contribution of each member of our staff and therefore making them an essential part of the project: they can pass a copy of the zine to the customer and discuss with them about it. The work becomes a starting point for an open conversation between the two about love, art or whatever this act of giving may lead them to.
With each following project, we aim our salon to be an environment that fosters creativity, supports young artists and brings contemporary art closer to everyone. In a few words, to create and sustain beauty for our community.

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