«Hyde Park – territory of success »

Charity project to create innovative educational platform for children with disabilities, teachers, students and parents.


Social Impact


In 2019, I launched a social project to create an innovative educational platform for visually impaired children. My project is called “Hyde Park, the territory of success”.
The kindergarten that currently houses these children is located in a picturesque area of the small suburban town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, and overlooks the bank of the river Klyazma .
The aim of the project is to revitalize this area and make it a green garden by building an amphitheater in the center, which will host not only non-traditional regional methodological seminars, pedagogical briefings, master classes for pupils and their parents, but will above all be a recreational place for children.
Why an amphitheatre? Because the best way to stimulate and involve special children is through theatrical activity!
During the summer of 2019, with the group of volunteers, we planted trees giving life to a small park and we built the ‘amphitheater! The amphitheatre is the centre of “Hyde Park”!
Now I would like to populate the garden with a playgrounds specially designed for visually impaired children, an area for parents’ meetings, and a botanical garden, where children can learn to respect nature and its biodiversity.
The funds for this project are allocated by the sale of each treatment in my beauty center and by the generosity of our partners and friends.


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