Marine and coastal ecosystems provide a great contribution against climate change. Their conservation should be priority. Mangroves store up to five times more carbon than tropical forests, therefore are of great significance in the fight against climate changes. Two years ago with the selling of raffle cards we started collecting the funds needed to complete the first part of this project, which was to plant the 4.400 mangroves. Now we are on second step, in march, we will be visitings salons to get funds to maintain the trees we planted.



Inside Davines salons clients can buy special cards and activate a code to participate to monthly raffles. The amount of money collected from the card selling contributes to the plantation of mangroves. With Neutropica assosiation we plant 4 hectare of mangroves thanks to strong community participation through what we call ULI ‘s: Local Implementation Units. The ULI ‘s are made up of community organizations of fishermen’s associations, schools and other organized groups base.

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