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NAME OF THE EVENT: “I Sustain Beauty”

PROMOTER: Davines S.p.A.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: the Italian territory, the territories of the European Union and all non-EU countries.

ADDRESSEES: The event is addressed to all Davines hairdressers and [Comfort Zone] beauticians of age, and to all members of age of the Davines and [Comfort Zone] Communities, on company social media with a valid email address.

All Davines Group employees and staff are excluded from participation.

The Davines Group Companies and Distributors of Davines and [Comfort Zone] products may participate, but they will not be considered for merit award. Participation in the event is free of charge and all the persons joining it will have to bear the cost of the connection to the internet, according to their agreed rates, as well as all costs related to the activities supporting the event and the project designed to join the “I Sustain Beauty” initiative.

All the natural and legal persons residing in the countries listed below, as well as any persons that may have direct or indirect interests with the following countries are excluded from participation: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Crimea and Syria.


The title and topic of ISB 2019 is “Adopt a place”.

The purpose of the event is developing and promoting projects connected to the topics supported by the promoting company Davines S.p.A., such as the care, upgrading and protection of places, buildings or works of art in neglected or deteriorated conditions, with the aim of bringing them back to their original beauty restoring their value and giving them a new life.

DURATION: Participation period: from 15 July 2019 to 31 December 2020  (the latter is to be considered as the deadline for submitting the projects).



Always careful to environmental topics and promoting “beauty” in the widest sense of the term, Davines S.p.A has decided to propose also this year an initiative in the form of an event open to any participant of the Davines Group companies, to distributors and individual salons. For the initiative, these shall submit projects aimed at protecting and enhancing the environmental, cultural, artistic and social heritage, which may be used by the promoting company as part of its communication activities and company vision, as well as for activities directly related to specific communication and marketing projects supporting official online channels of the brand as an additional contribution to the values described above. For example: dedicated sections in “news” on the website, concepts and images to enhance social media contents.



The participants in the initiative promoted by the Davines s.p.a. company will develop a project related to the theme “Adopt a place” of which they will be the protagonists for the benefit of the community.

This initiative has the purpose of involving a broad public in the implementation of projects on this specific theme. A dedicated jury made up of company staff will choose the best project and the project that will best reflect one or more of the following three categories:


This category of projects aims at enhancing and promoting the historical and cultural heritage of a land through the restoration and upgrading of local excellences.

This category includes:

– Initiatives for the enhancement, protection and upgrading of private or public places or buildings of cultural or historical value.

– Protection, renovation, restoration of works of art, local artistic excellences and talents with exclusive inherence to art and culture (all this ensuring compliance with the legislation in force and possession of the necessary legal and administrative requirements).

– Initiatives and enhancement of the identity of a place, its history and traditions through the recovery of an abandoned place, that may be used as the venue for implementing new activities related thereto.


This category of projects is aimed at improving interpersonal, community and social relations, especially towards disadvantaged communities and/or categories through the enhancement and upgrading of a specific place.

This category includes:

– Social responsibility initiatives aimed at ensuring the support to school structures in disadvantaged countries

– Free-of-charge hairdressing professional training for disadvantaged people aimed at orienting groups of people towards a work career

– Promotion and organisation of gathering events in places of interest and social value with the aim of restoring dignity to places that are no longer used.


This category of projects is aimed at upgrading, caring and/or restoring beauty of the environment and landscape (green areas/gardens/spaces left wild or in decay) both private and public, damaged or impoverished by the action of human beings.

This category includes:

– Protection of specific natural areas from degradation and pollution, through cleaning and collection of waste.

– Protection, care and upgrade of specific ecosystems damaged by the action of human beings or climate change (e.g. deforestation, desertification)

– Support to farming communities that support and promote sustainable techniques and cultivations (organic farming, regenerative agriculture, permaculture) that can regenerate and upgrade impoverished areas.

Every participant may decide whether:

– To develop a new project independently

– To rely on the collaboration with a non-profit organisation to develop a project or support an existing one



To finance their projects, branches and distributors may use the following fund raising methods:

  • Generic fund raising activity, organised and managed autonomously by the branch submitting the project.

  • Commercial campaigns duly structured and autonomously managed by third branches and distributors with the aim of achieving goals defined in the projects.

  • Crowdfunding: Organised and managed autonomously and at full discretion of the branch submitting the project.

FOR FUND RAISING REGULATION – VALID FOR SALONS (both salons in countries where the Group operates through a branch and salons in countries where the Group operates through distributors)

Should the salon need funds to implement the project, it may use a generic fund raising activity, organised and managed freely by the salon submitting the project.



Only for projects promoted by Davines Group companies:

before uploading the project on the website, the branches joining the initiative shall submit their project idea by 25 June 2019, filling out the project form given to them (to be requested, if not received) and sending it to the email address:

From 15 July 2019 to 31 December 2020  the participants in the “I Sustain Beauty” initiative promoted by Davines S.p.A. will have to register and consent to data processing in compliance with the applicable privacy legislation, in order to upload a complete and detailed presentation of the project/initiative on the website The presentation shall be exclusively in English, with two high resolution photos and a video (optional) in attachment illustrating the project. The shots and videos must be unpublished and not covered by copyright.

It will not be possible to change the content of the project once it has been sent.

Once uploaded, the project will move to an “acceptance” phase, during which it will be analysed and approved if in line with the initiative’s goals.

The approval of the project determines its official uploading on the platform inside the specific section reserved to on-line projects. This section will display the name “projects from the community” for the projects that are submitted by salons, and the name “Placed adopted worldwide” for projects submitted by Davines Group Companies and Distributors.

Projects that will be rejected:

  • Projects submitted without a clear and accurate description of the initiative and without 2 high resolution photos in attachment illustrating the project and its goals.

  • Projects described in languages other than English.


Registration is personal therefore it will not be possible for groups of persons.

Registration involves the loading of a single project. If you want to enter several projects, you will need a registration for each one of the projects.

Sending the material concerning the project / initiative, each participant represents that the photos, texts and videos published do not breach any intellectual property rights, privacy or any other third party rights, and will automatically take on the relevant liability. Sending the material the participants declare that the information contained therein is true. Each participant, joining the initiative, represents and warrants that the material sent for the initiative is an original product and that it was designed and developed in a legitimate manner, through texts, data, images, information collected and used in compliance with the regulations in force, that the material does not infringe any intellectual property right or any other third party right, and that there is no third party right that may in some way limit or hinder the dissemination or publication via any media by Davines s.p.a. or by subjects entrusted by the latter.

All images, texts and videos that will be considered offensive and harmful of public dignity and of the image of Davines Spa or of third parties will be automatically excluded from the event and removed from the dedicated online page without any warning and notice. Furthermore, all the materials loaded in an unsuitable or incorrect way, or differently from the operating instructions described above will not be taken into consideration by Davines S.p.A.

 From 31 December 2020 the jury will examine and assess the consistency, pertinence and quality of the projects submitted by the participants in the event, and it will announce the project that deserves to be awarded a specific recognition for merit for the 2019 edition of “I Sustain Beauty”. This project will be selected only among salons and not among companies of the Davines Group and Distributors who may receive only special mentions.

All the members of the jury are excluded from participation.

The company promoting the initiative assumes no responsibility for any technical errors that may occur in the completion of the online publication procedures and no refund will be granted. Advertising that, in any form, may be performed for the purpose of communicating the event, shall be consistent with the principles and objectives of the same and this regulation.


As part of this initiative and pursuant to the operating procedures and terms established in article 2) of this regulation, the jury will assess the artistic, commercial and marketing projects related to the specific requests of the initiative, as well as potentially usable by the promoting company in the context of its communication activities. The decisions of the Jury are final and irrevocable.

Project shall be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Consistency with the messages of the Davines and [ comfort zone ] brands

  • Positive impact on the community

  • Proactive involvement in carrying out the project

  • Number of “likes” obtained for the project on the website (it is stressed that this criterion shall not be considered as a decisive element in the voting, but shall be taken into account within a general assessment of all the aforementioned criteria)

The projects shall be given visibility pursuant to this regulation by the Company promoting the initiative and the worthiest project shall be awarded a prize that shall be exclusively the consideration for the work done and shall represent the only reward of personal merit as regards the initiative.

The best project, as selected by the jury, shall be given a refund, of an amount not higher than Euro 10,000, for the purchase of tools and materials needed to develop the project.

The costs to be refunded shall be duly supported by administrative-tax documents giving evidence of the expenses asked for refund and evidence that they have actually been incurred.

The aforementioned merit award shall be considered valid only in case of projects promoted by salons, which shall be the only projects nominated for the election of the final winner.

The projects promoted by Davines branches and distributors shall not be nominated for the final selection.

Furthermore, the jury may award 3 special mentions, together with a thank you plaque for the distinctiveness of the project carried out.


The winner selected by the jury of the promoting company Davines S.p.A. will be announced starting from January 1, 2021 on all Davines online channels (,,,, e

Davines Spa will give visibility to the best projects through its official website, the social channels and, where possible, through its press agencies around the world to give visibility via free articles (not prepaid spaces) on printed and online press, as well as blogs.

If the winner cannot collect the prize at our headquarters or at the premises of one of the companies of our Group, the prize will be sent, free of charge, to the winner’s residence by courier, within 90 days of the announcement of the winner of the “I Sustain Beauty” initiative.

The plaques for the three special mentions shall be sent or delivered, free of charge, to the residence of the persons concerned by courier, within 90 days of the announcement date.

If the name and the address of the winner cannot be found, a consideration in kind for a value equal to that of the aforementioned prize shall be donated to the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer: LILT Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori



A full copy of this regulation will be made available on the website and at the headquarters of the initiative Promoter.

The Davines S.p.A. company reserves the right to change, even partially and at any time, the participation procedures in this event, giving adequate notice, while safeguarding the rights already acquired by the participants.



Participation in the event involves implicit and full acceptance of all the clauses of this regulation. The Davines s.p.a. company is exempt from any responsibility on the images published by the participants.

In the context of the specific purpose of this event, the Davines s.p.a. company will have the right to use the images as well as the videos of the participants according to the procedures and in the areas considered more adequate and appropriate by the promoting company, including the communication and promotion activities of subsequent events, the publication of a catalogue and/or publication on the website. All the above shall apply without the participants being entitled to receive and/or claim any consideration for any reason whatsoever, not even, by way of example, the refund of the expenses and costs incurred by the participants (or by third parties having relations with the participants) for the development of the study and executive project, being any claim of the participants satisfied with the opportunity to participate in this event as well as with the visibility, if any, obtained in the context of the communication and use of the contents and studies of the specific project.



Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), please be informed that the personal data provided by the participants in the event, such as first name and last name, private or business e-mail, private phone number and other data required for participation in the event, shall be used only for the communications regarding the event. Failure to provide, the partial or incorrect provision of the mandatory personal data, required for the performance of the service, makes participation impossible. The data shall be processed manually and/or electronically using tools (also electronic ones) fit to ensure their security and confidentiality. The Data Controller is Davines spa, Via Ravasini, 9/a, 43126 Parma, Italy, which has appointed its Data Protection Officer (Contact details: who can be contacted in order to exercise all the rights provided for by Articles 15-22 of the GDPR (right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restrict processing, right to data portability, right to object), as well as to revoke consent previously granted or to lodge a claim with the Personal Data Protection Authority. You may exercise your rights sending the relevant request (also by via fax) to the Data Controller, to the DPO or to the e-mail address:


Art. 10 – DISPUTES: The Law Courts of Parma, Italy shall have exclusive competent jurisdiction on any dispute on this regulation and this event.


Please, write to us at

Parma, Italy, 2 May 2019