Support the Relationship Between Agriculture & Communities, Farmers & Eaters, by celebrating CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


Davines North America is running a national socio-environmental campaign to raise awareness and garner support for industry-leading Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) coalitions in the Hudson Valley, Midwest and California.

A CSA is a sustainable system in which consumers can directly support their local farmers. It connects farmers and eaters within the food system by allowing consumers to buy a share of the farm’s harvests. Working with Hudson Valley CSA Coalition (East Coast), FairShare (Midwest) and CAFF / Community Alliance with Family Farmers (California), our goal is to collapse the distance between agriculture and communities and shine a light on the beautiful work these organizations, and the over 200 farms they collectively support, are doing. This effort is a perfect way to intimately connect our community to a level of sustainability that deeply resonates with us in terms of well-being, environment, biodiversity and community. It’s both social and environmental beauty, from the ground up.

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