Women’s shelter

The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters is a national child welfare organisation founded in 1945 to help single mothers and their children. The federation supports 12 women’s shelters and 18 care homes all around Finland. The shelters help each year over 2000 women suffering from or threatened with family violence. The shelters are on duty round the clock. Families stay in the shelter in average 1-2 weeks while situation at home is resolved.



Many women leave to the shelter in a hurry. They rarely have time to pack with them everything they need. Shelters give the women a safe place to stay and food but they don’t offer beauty care items, clothes or other daily goods. Women purchase everything else they need normally from the supermarket as they can’t return home. However, many have problems to afford everything they need for both the children and herself. Davines hair salons support their local women’s shelter by donating shampoos and conditioners to the shelter. Davines hair dressers will deliver the donation personally and meet the people working and living in the shelter. When hair dressers get to know the families, they can help the women and children by offering them a free haircut in the salon. This personal connection will empower both the hair dresser and families and make the women in the shelter to feel beautiful.

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