Davines product refill station

Refill station to help cut down on plastic bottles and to allow clients to buy smaller quantities as the economy is in recession.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


I have always believed we can live and work sustainably. With 20 years of commitment to exclusively being a Davines Stylist and an advocate for non-toxic beauty, I am offering a refill station for clients. This accomplishes 3 things. 1) Cuts down on plastic consumption and brings awareness to the problem. 2) Allows clients to buy smaller portions as needed during this recession. 3) Brings creative and proactive solutions to the community.

Otros proyectos

A journey in the Pediatric Oncology care system.


Through the beauty culture we help woman to regain their freedoom and rebuilt their future.


Ukrainian Davines team become part of the environmental initiative for large-scale landscaping of Ukraine.