Hair to Stay

there is a treatment that allows those who undergo chemotherapy not to lose their hair. Our goal is to raise funds to help people in financial difficulties to have access to this new possibility.


Social Impact


I had cancer for 30 years and I lost my hair during chemotherapy in 1990. It was traumatic.

Only last year, during my visit to oncology, I learned of a great possibility that I was ignoring, a scalp treatment that allows you not to lose your hair during chemotherapy.

More than 8-12% of cancer patients refuse chemotherapy because of hair loss.

It is difficult to undergo chemotherapy, but losing your hair is just as difficult, because it is like losing a part of your identity.

HairToStay is the first and only national non-profit organization that helps people in financial difficulties to access scalp treatment.

HairtoStay is carrying out an initiative throughout the United States, involving 1000 salons, united by the goal of raising $1,000,000 to support the cause.

My goal is to support this organization and to spread awareness of the existence of this new possibility. That is why we are working with leaders in the hair care industry to help us raise the necessary funds to continue to support the path of cancer patients.

As a salon, we are close to all of our customers who are making this journey, and we are doing everything we can to mentally and financially support them by continuing to raise funds.

Sydney Berry – Salon Services 

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We donate all the proceeds obtained on the 13th of each month to sick children in need.


Christel House: the hairdressing school created for  impoverished and underprivileged children.