TUTELIAMO IL MARE (Let’s protect the sea)

Marine pollution is an emergency, with many tangible signs that we can no longer ignore


Environmental Impact


Only 20% of marine waste comes from fishing and navigation activities. 80% of sea waste comes from the mainland, from us and from our homes.

To save the sea we must first start with the rivers.

Rivers are the arteries of the planet, they make life possible. Today, those arteries are blocked and, as a result, disaster is inevitable.

The ‘Tuteliamo il mare’ campaign aims to reduce the pollution of Italian oceans. We will do this by creating awareness and emphasise that prevention is the key element. By creating fluvial barriers to intercept waste in the Po river, before it reaches the sea, we can achieve this goal. We will reuse and recycle the collected plastic materials.

As part of this campaign, Davines will collaborate with the Foundation for Sustainable Development, Castalia and Corepla:

The Po is the main Italian river, crossing the whole of the north.

The «prevention operation» starts at the Po, reducing waste that flows into the sea.

This operation is supported by the fundraising of the Davines salons.

Floating barriers that intercept waste transported by the river are collected by small boats.

The waste is then sent to selection and recycling centers.


Sponsored by: Autorità di Bacino del fiume Po

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