Every promise is for WonderLAD

20 Sicilian salons have joined forces to support WonderLAD Catania, a house created to host young cancer patients and their families during their treatment in hospital.



Social Impact


In 2013 Pippo Iacono, hairdresser Davines of Vittoria in the province of Ragusa, launched in his salon #ognipromessaè, a very special Christmas campaign thanks to which all customers could buy a hair product “paying” with a simple promise – published on social networks – that committed them to do a good deed.

On the occasion of Christmas 2019, the Davines sales consultants from Sicily decided to take up Pippo’s initiative again and extend it to other hairdressers on the island, managing to involve up to 20 salons and offering them all the necessary marketing materials to promote the initiative in the salon.

The initiative provides that in exchange for a customized travel size product Shampoo Lab, customers will make a donation in support of WonderLAD Catania.

WonderLAD  is the house created for children with serious illnesses, which welcomes them in a beautiful, hospitable and equipped space, a place where they can share games and activities of a normal life, even in illness, an environment in which, through the instrument of creativity, the vitality of the child is constantly stimulated to improve the quality of life.

Here families will have at their disposal psychological support, activities, workshops, dedicated spaces and accommodation during treatment with 6 mini apartments.

It stands on a park of two hectares with a covered area of 2000 square meters, a low environmental impact, limited operating costs and energy consumption close to zero.

At Christmas 2019, 4000 euros of promises were collected by bank transfer and 6000 euros of promises in the salon, for a total of 10,000 euros for the WonderLad Onlus which today amounts to 10,000 euros.

Help us to support this initiative, and give your promise. www.ognipromessaè.it


Oddo LUCIA                       Lentini (SR)
Iacopo Pippo                       Vittoria (SR)
Bissi Anna                             SciclI (SR)
Atelier GS                            Comico (SR)
GAG di Grazia Schilirò.       S.Teresa di Riva (ME)
Sant’Angelo Giuseppe.       Catania
EDM di Enza di Mauro.         Catania
Raimonda Strano.                 Girare (CT)
Mimì hair fashion.                  Favara (AG)
Cinzia Budigna.                     Catania
Messina Rosario.                  Catania
Bonaccorso Salvo.               S.Agata li Battiati (CT)
Eugenio Leonardi.                Catania
Elmo Antonietta.                  Catania
Attilio Clarinetto.                  Catania
La tua immagine Cetty.         Partanna (TP)
Mauro Giusi.                          Mazara del Vallo
Di Grazia Bartolomeo.         Valderice (TP)
Darà Caterina.                      Salemi (TP)

Look live di Licitra      Ragusa