“Every promise is” – The Itinerant Woods

Making Sicily greener one tree at a time.

Environmental Impact


This is the story of another beautiful example of collaboration and love for one’s land, which turns ideas into great projects.

We are in Sicily, where the Davines salons, together with the sales network, have joined forces to achieve a only goal: to make their island greener and reduce CO2 emissions.

How? By planting new trees.

So “Every promise is”, the project created last year by Pippo Iacono, owner of a Davines Salon in Sicily, gives life to the creation of “The Itinerant Woods”.

Thanks to the Region’s donation of 3500 autochthonous trees of different species, the 54 salons participating in the initiative will be able to donate a tree to their clients, but in turn for an important promise: whoever receives the tree will have to plant it and take care of it throughout its growth.

The tree received as a gift can be planted in their own garden, in the condominium garden, or in one of the many areas managed by Legambiente (partner of the initiative).

Supporting beauty also means this: bringing new life, restoring a natural habitat and its biodiversity, taking care of nature in all its forms and educating your children to do the same. These gestures know can embellish our soul and the whole world.

The initiative will take place from 9/12/2020 until 31/12/2020.

The story of each tree planted will be shared and told on www.ognipromessaè.it