Put biodiversity on the table


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


We are the first generation that can see the direct effects of climate change and the last that can do something.

Global warming is increasing: entire ecosystems, animal species and populations are at risk.

The industrial system of food production strongly contributes to climate change.

Our eating habits can be connected to rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and dangerous, unpredictable weather.

Every time we prepare dinner, every time we buy food, we are making a choice.

We must choose products that are good for us and the environment in which we live.


The tool we give our salons is the “Food for Change” campaign, created by the Davines salons for the environment; the concept is very clear. Start from the table.

The Food for Change campaign aims to reduce the impact of our eating habits on climate change.

We intend to achieve this with a recipe book that directs our eating habits towards more sustainable choices.

What can we do starting from the table?

This campaign wants to raise awareness with four simple rules, which can have great environmental impact.

–              eat seasonal foods.

–              recover food waste.

–              reduce the consumption of meat.

–              choose local raw materials.

this campaign has been realized together with the collaboration of Slow Food.

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