Formula Student Bizkaia

We support sustainable innovation.


Environmental Impact, Social Impact


We believe in innovation, sustainability and above all we believe in new generation power. That’s why we support a sustainable innovation project of the Bilbao School of Engineering “Formula Student Bizkaia”.
Formula Student, is an international non-profit project that aims to promote the development of innovative and sustainable ideas in the automotive sector, by teams of young engineering students from all over Europe.
Each year, different teams challenge each other in the creation of an electric car, which will have to be designed, produced and validated, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection.
During 2019, the Bizkaia team participated in the competitions that took place in the United Kingdom and Spain. The initial goals of the team have been achieved, the car has proven to be efficient, sustainable and competitive.
One of the most important improvements developed this year is the development of “regenerative braking”, which allows the car to recover energy during braking and partially recharge the batteries, improving the efficiency of the vehicle by 15%.
Every phase of the vehicle’s design and production is analysed to reduce its impact on the environment, and it is precisely on these aspects that the team will focus next year.
At Beovipel-Davines Spain we are proud to work together to make it possible to develop projects like this and, as a result, a positive impact in our community and for our planet.


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