A Walk to Parma

A hiking competition between salons to rise their sensitivity and rispect for nature, making them discover the beauty of our land.


Environmental Impact


We decided to organize monthly trekking throughout Estonia and to involve our salons and their clients in this activity, with the aim of creating a moment of sharing and discussion on environmental sustainability, raising awareness of respect for nature.
Wanderlust.ee is the association with which we organize our activities, a group of hikers specialized in trekking in Estonia.
From this collaboration an idea was born: walking a total of 2494 km, the exact distance between our headquarters in Tallinn and the Davines Village in Parma. Each person who will join us during the trekking will collect km, and who will collect more will win 2 plane tickets to Italy to visit the Davines Village.

This is our contribution to the rediscovery of our land, its landscapes and the respect for nature that inhabits these places.

Autres projets

Through the beauty culture we help woman to regain their freedoom and rebuilt their future.


Ukrainian Davines team become part of the environmental initiative for large-scale landscaping of Ukraine.


GoAhead Revolution is a social inclusion project for disadvantaged youngsters of diverse ethnicities that dream of becoming hairstylists