Christiaan Cares

We care about the parents who have kids at the Sophia Children’s hospital and want them to know that they are important too.



Our colleague has given birth to a girl at 25 weeks. Thanks to what she has experienced we came up with this idea.
All the attention and care goes to the children, whereas this can result in the ‘forgotten’ care of the parents. To get through this tough period, we think it’s important to provide the parents with the extra care, attention and relaxation they deserve.
There are some projects going on already within the hospital itself. We want to provide a relaxing atmosphere outside the hospital environment, but remain very close by.

A relaxing tranquillity shoulder and back massage or a relaxing facial treatment (with and eye treatment and recover touch mask) of 45 minutes. With a little gift provided by [ comfort zone ].
We will provide this in a period of a minimum of 1 year. At any possible time, according to the availability (if under any circumstances it’s not possible to come, please do not hesitate to give us a call).
We are going to see how this works, maybe it is possible to do something extra. For example small gifts for the parents. Possibly by collecting money or by cooperating with fellow shopkeepers.

Christiaan Cares

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