Clothes to Cash

The Clothes2Cash Exchange is a company that collects bags of clothes to recycle and sell to the disadvantaged community at a low cost. Each bag has an average weight of 6kg with a usability (can be used/fixed and resold) rate of about 60%. C2CX then pays us R5 per kg per usable kilogram. We would like to use the money raised to contribute against our carbon offset and plant trees.



The top salon in South Africa who collects the most bags will get to choose where to plant the trees, and what type of trees to plant. The top stylist in South Africa who collects the most bags will get to go to WWHT 2016! We are plan to only officially launch the in August or September. In the meantime, we are encouraging our salons to start collecting bags of clothes! When we officially start the campaign, each salon will be supplied with a big box for the storage of the bags. They will also be provided with bags and tags indicating which salon and stylist the bag came from. We will then arrange for the regular collection of these bags.

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