Curb Appeal Community Clean Up Project

We adopted our Historic Old Market area in downtown Omaha, Nebraska in the United States. We do monthly meetups to go around and pick up trash. We invite local businesses, neighbors, residents, staff workers, friends, and family and talk of the importance of recycling and waste management while cleaning up.



It started about 7 months ago we have seen an influx of tourism in our area and realized that with more people comes more trash.

We looked into ways to expand on our own sustainable practices with our business, especially being the FIRST sustainable Salon and Spa in Nebraska thanks in part to Davines and Green Circle Salons. So we adopted the Old Market thru another non profit called Keep Omaha Beautiful. They provide the materials and we provide the people. Our storefront has been on the corner of this historic part of Omaha for almost 21 years now and it’s most definitely our front yard, back yard, and neighborhood. We are close to the Missouri River within walking distance and our concern is that more trash will make its way down the river. So at least once a month, Curb Appeal Salon and Spa, hosts a community clean up meet up. We go around our part of the city picking up trash, recyclables, and whatever else doesn’t belong. Dispose of said things appropriately and then report back to the Keep Omaha Beautiful people with how many bags of waste, recyclables, etc that we pick up. We have gathered over 1000+ cigarette butts, trash bags upon trash bags of plastics, and pounds and pounds of waste.

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