The Flow Fund

The goal of this non-profit is to provide dignity to all menstruating individuals by providing organic tampons to all in need…because toilet paper is free! Why not tampons!


Social Impact


An average woman spends 2,535 days of her life menstruating. She has no choice in the matter-it’s simply biology.
86% of women have started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they needed.

Our original goal for our three year old FLOW FUND was to provide the homeless individuals in the Greater New Bedford area with FREE tampons. As of May
2019, homelessness in our area has increased by 9%, including entire families. We have come to realize that our help is more far reaching than we
anticipated. We have donated thousands of tampons to the following, as well as providing tampons to our staff and salon/spa guests:
-Greater New Bedford Women’s Center and Safe House
-New Bedford Homeless Advocates
-Catholic Social Services
-Houston’s Hurricane Harvey Relief
-New Bedford Public School System (supplying nurses and counselors for students needs)
-YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts
-Sister Rose’s House (shelter)
-Justice Flow (providing middle school students with free tampons)
All fund raising has been supported by our loyal and loving staff and guests, including our Annual Goddess Retreat, LuLaRoe Pop up shop, raffle baskets donated by PSSI and Comfort Zone, monthly profit donations from Gloria and Company, generous monetary gifts by family, friends and guests with all proceeds to purchase tampons.

With woman being 38% more likely to live in poverty than men, we shouldn’t have to choose to buy tampons over eating and providing food to our family.

It’s time we stop treating menstrual care as a luxury.
It’s time we recognize menstrual health as health.
It’s time that students stop missing school when they have their periods.
It’s time to stop PERIOD POVERTY.
It’s time for MENSTRUAL EQUALITY for all!
until then…

Autres projets

A hiking competition between salons to rise their sensitivity and rispect for nature, making them discover the beauty...


Through the beauty culture we help woman to regain their freedoom and rebuilt their future.


Ukrainian Davines team become part of the environmental initiative for large-scale landscaping of Ukraine.