The great botanical garden

Restoration of a special garden for people with disabilities in the Peter the Great , the Botanical garden in Saint Petersburg, Russia


Social Impact


The Peter the Great Botanical Garden of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Russia, and is a valuable element of national cultural heritage of federal importance.

In 2013, as part of the programme « Rebirth in the Year of the Tricentenary », an area dedicated to people with disabilities was created in the park, with the aim of bringing these visitors closer to the world of botany, and in particular to special aromatic and spicy plants.
In this part of the garden, in fact, a special path and exhibition has been created to allow people with disabilities to get as close as possible to observe them, touching and smelling the herbs.
Today, this section of the Botanical Garden requires a small restoration and maintenance, necessary to continue to guarantee its opening to the public.
As representatives of the eco-Studio « MIXTURA COLOUR LAB » and BF “LOVE AMONG US”, we decided to intervene in support of this place with a restoration project:
1.Restoration of the pergola
2.Purchase of plants for the design of the common area and spicy aromatic plants for the ridges.
3. reconstruction of the ridges for the planting of aromatic herbs
4.Replacing obsolete information signs with modern equipment
5. Installation of ecological and educational stands for the cold season
6.Complete the recreation and stroller parking areas

Taking care of these places means taking care of our history and our future, but it also means ensuring knowledge and culture among people.

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