The Sunny Day Campaign

The Sunny Day Campaign is a project Vanitylab crated to treat someone experiencing hardship. People are invited to nominate someone who deserves a day devoted to them. Nominees receive a complimentary haircut and color, brow shaping/wax, and makeup at the salon as well as donations to local restaurants and shops.


Social Impact


The Sunny Day Campaign, created by VANITYLAB Salon & Artisan Project, was designed to bring together and promote local businesses, while treating a deserving person experiencing or overcoming hardship, to the services and commodities they have to offer.

Cleveland locals are invited to nominate someone they feel deserves a day devoted to them. Nominees receive a complimentary haircut and color, facial waxing, makeup application, and a basket of the products used to style them that day. In addition to that, they are also treated to local business donations.

VANITYLAB does this once a month at their salon in Westlake, Ohio. The recipient is chosen based on the nominations sent to and nomination forms placed in the salon. The nominations are assessed and voted on by the staff. The nominee is then invited to schedule a day convenient for them.

The Sunny Day Campaign has gone so well, the VANITYLAB team is looking to expand and collaborate with more local businesses to craft a day filled with luxury treatment catered to each recipient. In addition to their cosmetic services, the Sunny Day Campaign so far includes limo service and high end cuisine, both generously donated by local Cleveland businesses. The projects vision further includes offering massage/ relaxation treatment, nails, clothing boutique gift cards, and more. VANITYLAB is very grateful for the continuing participation of Fitworks Rocky River, Tartine Bistro, and Lake Erie Limo.

VANITYLAB Salon & Artisan Project celebrated 10 years of business last year. The salon has a boutique that carries merchandise crafted by local artists and donates 1% of all proceeds from boutique sales to The Village Project, a local cancer relief organization. The salon’s friendly and welcoming space, paired with a family of passionate stylist creates the perfect environment to gift someone with an unforgettably beautiful day.

Please visit WWW.VANITYLAB.COM for additional information about the salon. Email for any questions regarding The Sunny Day Campaign.

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