GoAhead Revolution

GoAhead Revolution is a social inclusion project for disadvantaged youngsters of diverse ethnicities that dream of becoming hairstylists


Social Impact


The GoAhead Revolution is a social and economic inclusion project aiming to bring disadvantaged youngsters between 18-22 years of age into the world of work. The idea of ‘Un Taglio Solidale’ association is to bring this younger generation into direct contact with hair professionals, giving them a real opportunity to grow. The object is to make vulnerability a resource to grow as an individual but also as part of a team. For this reason U.T.S association together with RiccioCapriccio hair salon have decided to create a network of professionals (hair salons and trainers) with the goal to create a new generation of hair stylists with an innovative vision of the profession and an entrepreneurial mutualism aimed at encouraging creativity and job opportunities. The project involves a network of four salons in the Lazio region. Firstly the coordinator and cofounder of GoAhead Revolution RiccioCapriccio (Rome),Maxenio Hairstyle, Click parrucchiere&barbiere and Bellessere parrucchieri. For the selection of the young people we are supported by some of the main Charitable associations in Rome namely: Save the Children, Civico Zero, Cies Onlus, Cora Roma Onlus, Ass. Casa delle donne Lucha Y Siesta and with some interest shown by C.O.L of Rome. These associations work to direct the teenagers into safe work environments and courses. The project is ideated for a maximum of 10 participants and will be spread out over 10 meetings lasting for two month and a half. These months will be divided into Three phases:
-Exploring the workplace
-inspirational workshops .
-how to find a job.

The meetings and workshops will be held by expert trainers and hair professionals, covering different aspects of the job. The intention of the project is to create a course based on:
– Learning by doing: learning to get involved, observing participating and experimenting.
– Co-sharing: sharing each others experiences and knowledge.

Coming to the end of the project the participants that are most interested in the profession will have the possibility to get involved in a third phase of orientation and training on the job, with the possibility to access a paid internship or an apprenticeship in the network of salons and new ones.