Inspiring a Bright Future in Hairdressing

Carlton Hair is the sponsor of a hairdressing school, Christel House in Cape Town, since the beginning of 2017. We have sponsored the school with all their products, equipment, doll’s heads and refurbished the classroom. Our world-class educators teach the children hairdressing and we will award a full bursary to study hairdressing at Carlton Hair Accademy.



In South Africa, 55.5% of the population live in poverty, while the youth unemployment rate averaged at 51.95 percent from 2013 until 2017.

We believe that beauty can change people’s life and our objective is to help improve the life of our children and inspire a career in hairdressing.

Carlton Hair is the biggest hairdressing group in South Africa with 24 salons and 4 academies, and together with Davines, we have all the tools available to make the world a more beautiful place for all. We can achieve this by giving back to the community and giving our youth an opportunity they would never normally have been given.

Carlton Hair has is the sponsor of a hairdressing school, Christel House in Cape Town, since the beginning of 2017.

Christel House is a school that provides impoverished children with essentials such as education, healthcare, nutritious meals and character development. Their aim is to transform the lives of impoverished children around the world – breaking the cycle of poverty and building self-sufficient, contributing members of society.
Every student that attends the school comes from poverty-stricken townships and other areas rife with crime, such as Hanover Park, Manenberg, Mitchells Plain, Langa and Delft. Social workers are sent out to these areas to fetch the students by bus. They are all then clothed, fed breakfast and lunch, given books, stationery and an education.

Many of these students dream of a career in hairdressing but cannot afford to attend a training academy and lack the confidence to pursue their dreams. We have sponsored the Christel House hairdressing school with all their products, equipment (irons, dryers, brushes etc.), doll’s heads, and even refurbished the classroom by giving the walls a fresh paint and fixing whatever needs to be fixed to give these girls a better environment to work in.

Our world-class educators from the Carlton Hair Academy donate their time in a 3-hour class on Thursday afternoons to grade 9, 10 and 11 girls and boys. The Davines Educator train on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons the basics in cutting, blow drying, setting, braiding, tinting, relaxing, highlighting, as well as how to take better care of themselves and their appearance.

Furthermore, Carlton Hair Academy will be awarding a student with a full bursary in hairdressing to one of the students who show an aptitude in hairdressing.

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” – Nelson Mandela

For more information on Christel House, please visit their website:

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