KODUTUNNE tv project

In Channel 2, KODUTUNNE, was created with the aim of helping poor families in Estonia with their children to organize their homes. Helping those who do not help themselves – usually due to the twists of destiny and the difficult changed life. The help goes out thanks to Estonian volunteers and the big hearted entrepreneurs.



KODUTUNNE team consists of enthusiasts whose great motivations make them travel thousands of kilometers and work day after day in the middle of the night. At the center of each episode is one family for whom a new bathroom, kitchen, children’s chairs or other necessities are being built. Every family is different and we hope that these stories will be of help to all of us – tolerance and caring.

Davines Estonia has supported Kodutunne with products since March 2017.

More info: https://kanal2.postimees.ee/saated/Kodutunne1?view=info

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